Residential Voice Service

Our residential voice service is currently available within the Fort Mojave Indian Tribal Reservation and available soon in all Arizona and California serving areas.


Thinking about cutting the cord and using cellular?
Reliability, affordability and clear calls, nothing beats a local full featured HD phone with unlimited local and domestic long distance, powered by Fort Mojave Telecommunications Inc.

There are a lot of good reasons to have home phone service from Fort Mojave Telecommunications:

  • 911 emergency location
  • No dropped calls
  • No dead cell phone batteries
  • Convenient calling features
  • Superior call quality, with no static or digital clipping
  • Home phone service is:
    • Affordable
    • Reliable
    • Secure
Universal Service Fund Information

For 80 years, the Congress of the United States has recognized consistently it is much more difficult and expensive to bring telephone service to rural communities and small towns than it is to connect urban centers such as Phoenix, Las Vegas, and Bullhead City. A national policy known as “universal service” has enabled Fort Mojave Telecommunications to offer service in accordance with federal law that says all Americans should have access to “comparable telephone service at reasonable affordable rates” no matter where they live.

FMTI charges $18.00 per month for residential telephone service. The local rate our customers pay provides about eight (8)percent of the revenue required for us to operate. If subscribers, minus any State or Federal cost recovery, had to bear the total cost of providing local telephone service across the rugged desert terrain of FMTI’s service area, the local service rate would be nearly $225.00 per month. For this reason alone, State and Federal Cost Recovery Mechanisms are vital to Fort Mojave Telecommunications, as well as other rural telcos, in order to maintain affordable local rates and support investment in vital communications infrastructure.

The recovery mechanisms are tied to your local telephone line. To provide High-Speed Internet service to you without a telephone line, by federal tariff, would result in charges much, much higher than FMTI’s charge for the telephone and Internet services bundle.

FMTI Internet service required for telephone service outside of the Fort Mojave Indian Tribe.

Interested in using your own telephone(s)? Contact our office for more information.