Managed's Wi-Fi Unleashed

It’s a revolutionary personalized service providing safe, fast, reliable internet that covers your whole business. Managed from the CommandIQ® App and powered by FMTI’s GigaSpire BLAST Ultimate WiFi, with Wi-Fi 6.

Business Fixed Wireless Internet Service

Fort Mojave Telecommunications, Inc. provides fast fixed wireless Internet service to businesses in Needles, Golden Shores, Topock, Mohave Valley, and Fort Mohave. We are expanding coverage and upgrading equipment over the next 30 to 60 days to offer better plans and better prices.

Enjoy a better online experience for everthing you do at your business. Fast Internet is not a luxury, it’s a requirement for your operation. With faster internet, work without interruption, experience better video conferencing, accept payments, and connect with customers all while using multiple devices simultaneously.

Our network engineers check performance availability at your location. Once we determine the anticipated quality of the service we can provide meets our requirements and industry standards for the best internet solution, our trained installer comes onsite to confirm we can deliver the bandwidth you want and to perform a professional installation.

Customer support is available 24 hours a day 365 days a year to answer your questions and provide on-site repair if required.

Priority routing
Priority routing for better performance with Dedicated Internet Access available upon request.

Need internet tech support?

If you are a current customer and are experiencing trouble with your connection or your email, please contact our office for assistance.

Wireless Internet Speeds and Pricing

These are flat rates with no broadband charges and UNLIMITED DATA!

25/5 MB


50/10 MB


Special plans available in some areas

Please contact our office for more information

Getting wireless internet is an easy three step process


We’ll find the best place on your business to install the necessary wireless equipment.


Installation is quick and easy. We’ll set up an antenna that communicates with the nearest fixed wireless tower to ensure the strongest, most reliable signal.


Our expert installer will help you connect your devices. And that’s it, your fixed wireless Internet service is ready to go!